Natural Integrative Therapies



Most popular therapies:

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT is approved by the FDA to treat many medical conditions.


Bowenwork is gentle on the body, effective and appropriate for anyone to receive, including newborns, highly trained athletes, pregnant women and the elderly. Each person responds differently to a Bowenwork session, according to his or her own body’s need and ability to heal. Conditions that are seen to respond well include:


Musculoskeletal                                                              Digestive                                                                           Respiratory

Back pain                                                                          Colic                                                                                   Asthma

Frozen shoulder/shoulder pain                                         Indigestion                                                                         Bronchitis

Tennis elbow                                                                     Constipation                                                                      HayFever

Repetitive stress injuries                                                   Chronic diarrhea                                                               Sinusitis

Arthritis pain                                                                      Hemorrhoids                                                                     Allergies

Fibromyalgia                                                                     Bed-wetting in children


Migraine and headaches

TMJ Problems                                                                  Reproductive                                                                    Also

 Sciatica                                                                            Infertility                                                                              Chronic Fatigue

Postural and gait problems                                              Menstrual pain                                                                    Balance Problems

Sports injuries                                                                  PMS                                                                                    Tinnitus

Shin splints                                                                       Mastitis                                                                               Earache and Ear Infections

Plantar fasciitis                                                                 Fibroids in breast and uterus                                              Anxiety

Foot and ankle issues                                                      Prostate problems                                                              Depression

Knee and hip restrictions

Pelvic problems







Benefits of Bowenwork

Practitioners perform sequences of small stimulations, called moves, on specific points on the body, interspersed with rest periods. The Bowenwork moves stimulate mechanoreceptors (nerve endings) that overlie both muscles and acupoints. The body’s response to this stimulation, which begins during the rest periods, includes a balancing of the autonomic nervous system and changes in the musculoskeletal system in the direction of increased symmetry. These effects, in turn, remove blockages to the free flow of energy in the body. From the point of view of complementary health care, when the body’s nervous and energetic systems are in balance, its physical, emotional and mental functions are able to return to a healthy state. The number of inputs and length of the rest periods are determined for each client during each session; hence sessions do not have a fixed duration but rather can vary from a few moments to an hour, with the rest periods generally taking more time than the hands-on work.

We offer FREE Baby Bowen Sessions!

What can it treat?


Baby Bowen can be used to treat ALL causes of discomfort in a baby. Here are just a couple of the most common ones:


  • Restlessness
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory infections
  • Wry Neck/Stiff Neck
  • Muscle strain/injury

Not only does Baby Bowen ease the discomfort but your baby will also sleep better.

We offer FREE

Baby Bowen Sessions

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Our free Baby Bowen sessions are approximately  10-15 minutes.

Bowenwork for Babies