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Bio-Photonic Light Therapy



Bio-Photonic Light Therapy


Halo Multiverse Light Therapy Systems harness the power of plants and light to provide holistic, all-natural comfort to the human body. Halo shines the proper frequency of ultraviolet light through special vials filled with essences of herbs, plants, and amino acids.

HALO Structured Water



You will receive one gallon of HALO Structured water on your initial visit.


During subsequent visits, you may bring up to 5 gallons of water for treatment.


• Supports the body in regulating the immune system.

• Promotes Longevity and General Wellness.

• Supports the body in the management of pain and inflammation.

• Assists in stress reduction and promotes a calming sensation that can be immediate and can last 6-12 hours.

• A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality lasting for days.

• Supports emotional, mental and neurological wellbeing.

• Drinking HALO Structure water enhances hydration and flushes out the dead pathogens and other toxins.

Benefits of Bio-Photonic Light Therapy - HALO Sysyems

Benefits of Drinking Structured Water


By drinking water that contains fewer molecules, or micro-clustered, you can:

• Hydrate your body more quickly and effectively.

• Enhance energy levels, improve your overall aerobic capacity.

• Prevent premature aging and rejuvenation of skin cells.

• Proper hydration facilitating better oxygenation to the body at the cellular level.

• Increases cellular communication.

• Reduces inflammation and manages pain.

• Promotes mental clarity and focus.

• Assists the body in removing toxins and pathogens. Helps with flushing out toxins from the body.