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Susanmarie Miller, LMT

Owner Natural Integrative Therapies

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Bowenwork Practitioner


About us




Thank you for taking the time to invest in your health and wellbeing, a step to a better life. If you are here then I imagine you and I have already spoken or someone has referred you to me. Either way, let me tell you more about myself and what I do...


Life's journey is different for each and every person, the way your body handles that journey is also different as well. In my practice, I bring a holistic approach to your unique self and I meet you where you are at. In my experience, I have realized no two bodies are the same, and I truly tailor each and every massage to your individual needs. This starts by listening to you. Our conversation will touch on different areas of your emotional, physical, and spiritual being. In addition to treating the symptoms that brought you to my table, I will explore with you to find the root cause of your chronic pain.


My personal journey began with the process of finding my own healing. I learned that treating the symptom does not provide a lasting effect on the body. What I did realize was that by unearthing the root of the problem you are able to not only impact the body with lasting change, you are able to impact the emotional body by empowering yourself to reclaim your health and wellness. 

I help people find the root cause of their pain, so they can let it go, move forward, and be their best self.


You have your choice of many therapists offering massage as a healing therapy. I can definitely say that I am different. I look at the body as a whole; physically, emotionally, and energetically. I offer you a naturopathic approach to treating the whole person using natural oils, balms, herbs, lotions, and more. My goal is not to just offer you relief from your pain, it is to discover the root cause that underlies the condition and support you on your journey to wholeness.


If you suffer from chronic pain, often the cause of your discomfort is not where you are feeling the pain...the pain is merely a symptom of something else. That something else could be physical, environmental, or emotional/energetic, this is my specialty, to unearth the roots of your pain and bring back balance, health, and vitality.


If you want to create a real change in your body and health using natural therapies, then you are in the right place.



Meet our Therapists


Susanmarie, LMT

     Susanmarie's passion and experience are motivated by her own journey to restore her body with a more natural way of life. At age 40 she found herself stuck in a stressful and unfulfilling job, and in addition to being very unhappy, her body was suffering from chronic illness and pain. She not only made the leap of faith to go to massage school, she started to unlock the doors to living a natural and healthy life.  In 2012, Susanmarie obtained her massage license as a first step in sharing that transformation with others. Since then, she has dedicated her career to accumulating a proficient understanding of the body and its dysfunctions, as well as teaching this knowledge to others at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies. She has spent many years studying natural healing therapies, bodywork, massage, essential oils, herbs, healthy eating, and devoting herself to personal growth.

     Susanmarie is a great therapist for those seeking relaxation, recovery from injury, relief from chronic pain, or those looking to incorporate natural healing in their lives.